Pastor Anita J. Padgett -

 Kingdom (Eternal) Service: Reverend Anita Padgett is a former youth Pastor at the Assemblies of God Rochester, NY. where she labored under Pastor George Kraft. She has served as a gospel missionary for over 10 years, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ which includes six years of traveling to and from the Middle East. She was also a teacher and preacher at Morning Glory Christian Fellowship in Rochester, NY where she received triple ordination from Bishop Barley and Bishop Clay. Anita has served as an Associate minister of Jesus the Christ Church on Watkins Terrace as well and has extensive training in the Bible. She has taught Sunday school, youth groups and adult bible studies .She currently is the Pastor at The Great Jesus Christ Missionary Church.
Worldly (temporal) Service : Anita attended Indiana University for 6 years in the 1990s studying nursing and writing. She has also attended and graduated from Thurman / King school a three -year certificate program at Colgate Divinity. In the spring of 2020 she completed her Biblical studies at Pasadena Bible Institute receiving a diploma in Biblical studies. She works at a local Health Care facility in Rochester , NY.  and has one son.