Pastor Anita J. Padgett -

Pastor Anita has served as a youth Pastor for the Assemblies of God in Rochester, NY. She has served as an Associate minister at JTCC and served as a Sunday school teacher under Bishop Dennis Clay at Morning Glory Christian fellowship. 
 Anita has traveled to Jerusalem , Israel for six straight years, working with a ministry called Voice in the Wilderness. In 2017 what would have been her seventh year, Anita was led by the Lord to rest from her works in Israel and turn her focus on answering her call as a Pastor. She has completed her studies in Christian Education at the Thurman King school in Rochester, NY and has studied at Pasadena Bible college as well. Anita currently lives and works as a nurse in Rochester, NY. at a local Doctors office. She has one son and has been teaching the Bible for about ten years.